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Keep up to date on what's new and exciting in the Chatfield Lab!

Graduate students Trina Wantman, Kara SantaLucia & Sequoia Dixson receive UMaine grants
October 2023

All three lab members were awarded research grants from UMaine's Graduate Student Government for their research projects on the ecology and conservation of Wood Turtles.

The Chatfield Lab publishes paper on law enforcement tool
September 2023

In a second method development study, we published a paper on the use of of chemical analyses to distinguish between legally bred captive turtles and illegally captured wild-caught turtles. Our paper can be downloaded here. 

Female Wood Turtle.JPG

New graduate student Kara SantaLucia joins the Lab
August 2023

Kara's undergraduate work at the College of William & Mary focused on environmental correlates of salamander diversity. Her thesis work will focus on the presence and dietary sources of PFAS—so called 'forever chemicals'—in Wood Turtle tissue.

Kara SantaLucia_edited.jpg

New graduate student Sequoia Dixson joins the Lab
August 2023

Sequoia joins us from the Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife where she worked as a wildlife technician after graduating from the University of Maine in 2022. Her thesis work will focus on Wood Turtle movement patterns and habitat selection.

New publication from the Chatfield Lab
July 2023

Our work on Wood Turtle population demography and viability has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Chelonian Conservation & Biology. You can download the article here.  

Wood turtle male 1.JPG

Graduate student Greg LeClair receives Young Leader Award
June 2023

The National Wildlife Federation awarded graduate student Greg LeClair with their prestigious National Conservation Young Leader Award

Greg LeClair NWF award.jpg

Maine Wood Turtle Project kicks off new working lands study
May 2023

Using funds awarded by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service's Conservation Innovation Grant, we are exploring the way Maine's agricultural working land use practices may influence wood turtle movements and behavior.


Maine Wood Turtle Project receives forestry grant
May 2023

Funds were awarded by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Wildlife Conservation Initiative in cooperation with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, the National Council for Air & Stream Improvement, Inc. and the National Alliance of Forest Owners. 

USFWS logo.png

Scent detection dog collaboration highlighted in Down East Magazine
April 2023

Our partnership with Science Dogs of New England is featured in the April 2023 special animal issue of Down East Magazine.

Down East magazine cover.jpeg

Maine Big Night featured in Down East Magazine
April 2023

Graduate student Greg LeClair's work on amphibian conservation and the Maine Big Night community science project appears in the April 2023 issue of Down East Magazine.

Wood Frog - Copy.JPG

New lab member, Lilia Membrino, awarded BioME Summer Internship Award
March 2023

Undergraduate student Lilia Membrino, who will be joining our team this field season as a summer field technician, was awarded a Summer Internship Award from the Bioscience Association of Maine


Wood Turtle element study featured in The Wildlife Professional magazine
March 2023

Our work on developing conservation law enforcement tools using stable isotopes and trace elements has been featured in the March/April 2023 issue of The Wildlife Professional magazine.

Clipping nails - Copy.jpg

Conservation dog project featured in Wildlife Society publication
March 2023

Our conservation scent detection dog project, which is being conducted in collaboration with Lindsay Ware of Science Dogs of New England is featured in the March/April 2023 issue of The Wildlife Professional.

Wildlife Professional 2023.jpg

Graduate students awarded UMaine research grants
March 2023

PhD student Greg LeClair and MS student Trina Wantman received awards from the Graduate Student Government Grants Program to aid in their projects.

grad logo.png

New publication on long-distance wood turtle movement
December 2022

The Chatfield Lab published a natural history note in the December issue of Herpetological Review on the unusually long distance movement of male wood turtle 7273. 

Wood Turtle 7273.JPG

Graduate student Greg LeClair awarded foundation research grant
December 2022

Greg received a grant from the Davis Conservation Foundation for his work on Canada lynx eDNA. This study forms part of Greg's dissertation project exploring the application of eDNA to detect rare and cryptic species. 


New publication on the use of stable isotopes as a turtle conservation tool
November 2022

The Chatfield Lab is piloting the use of stable isotopes as a conservation law enforcement tool to combat illegal turtle trafficking. You can read the publication here.

Wood Turtle.jpg

Graduate student Trina Wantman awarded IBERA research grant
May 2022

Trina was awarded the Inez Boyd Environmental Research Award by the Penobscot Valley Chapter of Maine Audubon Society to continue her thesis work on Wood Turtle nesting success.

Maine Audubon PVC logo.png

Graduate student Greg LeClair wins Outstanding Service Award
April 2022

Greg received the Outstanding Service Award from the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture largely for his work on the Maine Big Night amphibian monitoring community science project.

NSFA logo 2.png

Undergraduate student Hunter Praul joins the lab
April 2022

Hunter is a Maine Top Scholar majoring in Biology in the School of Biology & Ecology. He will be helping with research in the lab, as well as conducting his Capstone project. 

Maine Top Scholar logo.png

Wood Turtle Project featured on Maine Science Podcast
August 2022

Collaborator Lindsay Ware of Science Dogs of New England discussed her scent detection work and our ongoing partnership on the August 11th episode of the Maine Science Podcast.


NSF REU student Dartagnan Mullins joins the Lab
June 2022

Dartagnan, a senior at the University of North Carolina in Asheville, is completing his summer project on Wood Turtle nest predation as part of the One Health Research Experience for Undergraduates. 

Dartagnan Mullins with painted turtle Pushaw Lake 6-13-2022.jpg
NRCM logo.png

Graduate student Greg LeClair wins NRCM Brookie Award
May 2022

Greg received the prestigious Brookie Award from the Natural Resources Council of Maine for his work on Maine Big Night.

Graduate student Trina Wantman awarded BioME research grant
March 2022

Trina has been awarded a Seed Grant from the Bioscience Association of Maine for her MS project on Wood Turtle nesting success.

BioME logo.png

Graduate student Greg LeClair becomes PhD student
February 2022

Greg has transitioned from the MS to the PhD program in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. His  expanded thesis project will now include the application of eDNA to Canada lynx snow tracks. 

Collecting snow tracks.jpg

Graduate student Trina Wantman joins the lab
January 2022

Trina started this semester on her MS degree in the Ecology and Environmental Sciences program at UMaine. She will be studying Wood Turtle nesting ecology and conservation.

Trina camera.JPG

Maine Big Night joins research group on new publication
November 2021

Data on amphibian road mortality became part of a large-scale review on the impacts of COVID-19 on wildlife. You can read the paper here.

Bates et al figure.jpg

Graduate student Greg LeClair featured on NPR
October 2021

An interview with graduate student Greg LeClair can be heard on NPR's All Things Considered for his work on Maine Big Night. You can listen to the interview here.

Greg Big Night.JPG

New publication on Maine Big Night
September 2021

Graduate student Greg LeClair is lead author on a new paper exploring the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on amphibian road mortality. You can read the paper here.

Blue-spotted Salamander.JPG
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